Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shopping Day

Today was shopping day. This day is the best bonding day that I have with my daughter. But first, before shopping, my daughter had a Doctor’s appointment. This usually takes less than 30 minutes, but of course, since I was with her it took nearly an hour. I sat in the car smoking cigarettes wishing that I had a cold beer.

The next stop was the Bank. This is where she withdraws cash to spend in the stores. I don’t really understand this step because she has a debit card and several credit cards. The usual explanation is that her husband has the debit card and if she uses a credit card her purchases will eventually cost more.

Then she drops me off at the local Winn-Dixie. They have my favorite beer on sale. The next stop is the local tropical fish store where she buys food for her fish. This was the shortest stop, maybe 7 minutes.

Following that we go to the Home Depot. I sit in the car drinking beer and smoking cigarettes while she shops for 5 items; elapsed time 45 minutes. I watched several cars pull in and out of adjacent spaces during this period. Most had purchased far more than she did. She is usually a quick shopper; she blamed the delay on the inept clerks.

At this point in time my daughter was worn down by all this shopping. She needed to take the edge off before we headed to Wally World (The Wal-Mart) to finish our shopping. We stopped in a local saloon for Happy Hour. My kind of place it was dark and dank. The price for her two vodka and tonics and my beer was only $8. The only drawback was that the Men’s Room was “out of order” and I had to use a smelly Port-A-Potty outside.

The Wal-Mart was our second quickest stop. I bought some more beer (I can’t past up a bargain), some wine, a pound of shaved roast beef and some Cuban Bread. My daughter left the building before I did and somehow I got lost in the parking lot – forgetting where she had parked. This was another waste of 5 minutes.

On to the gas station where I purchased a carton of cigarettes in record time (there was no line). And the final stop was the Walgreens where my daughter dropped off her prescriptions.

The total time expended on today’s shopping spree was in excess of four hours. It was good to return home and sit and do nothing.

The Beach Bum

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your favorite beer? Cheap is always good, after 6 or 8 who cares.

Fri Dec 07, 11:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Got a little time on your hands. Try coming north. We've got an abundance of snow and icy snow to shovel almost daily -- lately. Then, you'll earn your beer. BTW How can you sit in warm weather and not offer your northly friends a cold one? Or do you drink room temperature?
peace friend,
you know who I am ...

Fri Dec 07, 04:03:00 PM  
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