Saturday, December 08, 2007

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I was going through my old emails (to delete some of the dead weight and free up some space) today and found a link to a site that asks you several questions about your views on issues in the upcoming Presidential Campaign. The result of your answers match you with the candidate who has the same opinions as you do on the some of the main issues.

The first time that I took the quiz was last September. It told me that my best match was with Hillary Clinton. I didn’t like this assessment of my views, so I retook the quiz, paying a little more attention to the questions and weighing them (Low, Medium or High). Due to laziness, I had marked them all as medium on the first time. Silly me!

My second shot at the quiz yielded Barack Obama as the candidate that I most agree with and Hillary finishing a close second. I like Barack better than Hillary, but this was still unsatisfactory. I felt that somehow this quiz was a set up. Several questions (on issues) that are important to me were not asked in the quiz and if they had been I would have ended up with a different candidate.

Before deleting the original message today, I retook the test for the third time. This time I read all the issues carefully and rated them accordingly. The outcome was nearly the same as the last two times, but now I had a different front runner. I have always considered myself as an independent (although with the exception of Ronald Reagan, I usually have voted for the Democratic candidate for President). Last election I voted for the Libertarian Candidate – I dislike Bush and was afraid of Kerry.

The final outcome of my latest taking of the quiz is Mike Huckabee (R) a 67.74% match, Barack Obama (D) also a 67.74% match and both Hillary Clinton (D) and Joseph Biden (D) with a 64.52% match. On the “bottom of the barrel” was Ron Paul with 35.42% match.

I wonder if this Quiz is based on their voting record or the lies that candidates tend to tell to the public while they are campaigning.

The quiz is located here: Candidate Quiz.

Take your time and read the issues by clicking on the issue itself. Also be sure to rank them as Low, Medium or High. This is an important factor in this Quiz.

As I, you may not believe with which candidate you most agree.

The Beach Bum



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch Iowa,then New Hampshire,then move to Canada.

Sun Dec 09, 03:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Buck said...

Took the test,Who the hell is John Cox. Never heard of him,i wonder if he heard of me.

Tue Dec 11, 03:19:00 PM  
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