Monday, October 27, 2008

Sticking to the Script

From Dana Bash of CNN:
“Some aides to Sen. John McCain say they weren't happy that running mate Sarah Palin went off script Sunday and turned attention back to the controversy over her wardrobe.”

The key words in the above statement are “went off script”.

Bravo, Sarah, Bravo! Saying what you are not supposed to say and doing what you are supposed to do, make you a real person. I like real people that don’t hide behind a façade.

But, Sarah, you must realize, by now, that honest politicians do not get elected; that is why your comments are well scripted by the political spin doctors. The higher up that you are on the political food chain the more you must lie to the public (well, maybe not in Alaska).

The American people expect their politicians to lie to them. The truth often hurts them. It’s better to be in a euphoric state of mind, with hope for the future, than in an abysmal state of mind with no optimism at all. That is human nature. Even pessimists, like me, always have a little hope in the back of their minds.

In most instances we do not believe the politician’s lies. But we want to believe. Because the lies make us feel better and give hope for our future. In this way politics is very much like religion. If I believe that God (this invisible man – living in the sky) is up there looking out for my well being, why shouldn’t I believe that the person that I voted for will also take an interest in my needs. After all isn’t that the reason that I cast my vote for him or her; it was to benefit me, my friends, associates and family. I’m not an altruist!

Unfortunately is just doesn’t work that way. Candidates are elected on what their staff scripts them to tell the voters. There is an excellent Robert Redford movie from the 1970’s called “The Candidate” concerning this subject. Also the “Making of the President” series by Theodore H. White is very informing about our political process of electing the President.

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The bottom line is that I like Sarah Palin for her candor and her humorous anecdotes. But she is not a true politician. That can be scary when you think that if she is elected as Vice-President, she is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

The Beach Bum

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Blogger alfredo_tomato said...

She has the support of the power brokers of the Christian Right. She probably believes she can use them and their money to carry her into the white house in 2012. Going off script is how she shows her independence.

One of McCain's campaign has called her a whack job.
I think you will see more as they try to place blame for McCain's loss. I see the circular firing squad, and she might be the focus.

Tue Oct 28, 04:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Hardware Bob said...

What was he thinking? Or was he thinking at all. Sarah is from a different era. The only thing that impressed me on my trip to Alaska, was Salmon,Halibit,& Bears (not the Chicago type). Alaska is not like the lower 48, perhaps in the larger cities they are more in the main stream,but by and large Alaska is and I hope remains a vigin territory. A lot of good people, and of course some that use the system and tend to bend in different directions.

Wed Oct 29, 09:33:00 AM  
Blogger alfredo_tomato said...

It seems their people need to start paying attention to their state and local governments. The more we learn about their system there, the more corrupt they appear.

It's good for government to leave us alone, but it is not good for us to leave government alone. People who seek power, too often find that they want more power. They need to be watched closely.

Wed Oct 29, 03:45:00 PM  
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