Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking Pride in What You Have Done

I am proud of three things that I have done (concerning this Blog) during the past two weeks.

First and foremost, unlike some other Bloggers that I read on a semi-regular basis, I have not commented on President Obama’s lack of support (for the Economic Recovery Bill) in the Senate. I believe that he is trying to do his best. Nor have I commented on some of his pre-Inaugural statements about hiring the right people for the right jobs on his Cabinet and Executive Staff. Let’s give him 100 days before we start shooting (figuratively not literally) at him. Therefore I take pride in my restraint.

Secondly, on February 1st, I finally deleted my two Blogs concerning Haulover Beach. I had threatened to do so long before, but I didn’t follow through because I did not want to see the numbers on my Stat Counter drop. I was getting at least 20 visitors per week from people that Goggled a variety of Haulover Beach terms and another 5 or 6 from I finally decided that quality readers were more important to me than the quantity of readers. I take pride in my decision.

Last, but surely not least, I have become someone’s favorite Blogger. Some of my friends and relatives have told me, in the past, that I was their favorite Blogger. I, of course, asked them “How many different Blogs do you read per week”? The most common answer was “just yours”. Wow, what an accolade.

But the person who called me her favorite Blogger isn’t just the average Blog reader. She is a renowned editorial Cartoonist and a Daily Comic Strip author. Signe Wilkinson. She posted a note on her Page on January 28th; stating that I was now her favorite Blogger. Signe Wilkinson. I really take pride in this accomplishment.

The Beach Bum


Blogger The Curmudgeon said...

Very nice. I've posted cartoons before... but I've never gotten any comment from the cartoonist. Restraining orders, maybe....

Actually, that's not entirely true. No cartoonist has ever contacted me as The Curmudgeon... but I did hear from one on the blog I write under my real name. That was pretty cool, I thought.

Wed Feb 18, 06:13:00 PM  
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