Sunday, February 11, 2007


The final piece of the puzzle arrived on Friday. It’s a toy rooster! In fact, it is a dancing rooster that plays a polka and squawks to the music. It dances and plays the tune when you push a button on the left wing. However, if you grab it by the neck it emits sounds of barnyard fowl passion. It’s literally choking the Chicken.

Now I have 3 new Kazoos, a bar of Butt/Face Soap and a Dancing Chicken. What relationship do these three have in common? I’m Clueless!

Knowing that my friend has a “Gary Larson” sense of humor, as I also do, I attempted to put all the pieces of this puzzle together. I’m stymied. What can these three items have in common?

I am at a lost in this conundrum. Am I missing the obvious? What is the obvious? There are seemingly a lot of question marks.

Perhaps, as I said in a previous post (A Short Drive) to this Blog, it’s just meant to drive me crazier that I already am. I do admit to being a slightly paranoid person with many phobias. Many more phobias than one person should have.

Why is my friend doing this to me? Again, I am still clueless! Everything is not coming together as he said it would. For two days I pondered this Puzzle.

I gave up today. So I called him for the explanation of the gifts; which follows:

The purpose of the 3 Kazoos is so that 2 of my friends and I can play along with the Polka that the Chicken is playing. Choking the Chicken will make it squawk along with the music. This whole scenario will be so funny that I will crap in my pants while laughing. Therefore necessitating my taking a shower and using the Butt/Face soap. With excrement on my bottom side I would not want to use the same side of the soap to wash my face. That is why the sides of the soap are labeled.

What scares me is that I can almost follow his logic.

By the way, I love choking that chicken.

The Beach Bum


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