Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Infomercials - What Next?

The Tampa Bay Rays lost the MLB World Series last night. It was a continuation of the Tuesday night suspended game. I would have liked to have seen them win and bring the games back down to Tropicana Field.

But that’s not what this Blog is about.

Before the game last night there was a Barack Obama infomercial on Fox and several other networks. As a general rule I do not watch television news, talk shows or Presidential Debates. I’m one of those old fogies who prefer to read the news or the transcripts of talk shows and debates.

Last night I made an exception to the general rule. The people that put this together for Obama did a superb job. I was impressed with the production quality, the message (although it was somewhat depressing) and Barrack’s oratorical abilities.

Senator Obama didn’t directly address the issues, but he made it clear in which direction he would be heading if elected President. He was telling us about the problems but offered no direct solutions.

The infomercial was geared towards the middle class common man. The underlying message was that he was a man of the people and that he would work for the people. I’ve heard this message before. The one time that I believed the message was when a young Democratic Senator from Massachusetts told us that it was a time for change, a time to give America back to the people.

He tried and look what happened to him. Every time that I think about John F. Kennedy, I cry, which I am doing as I finish this Blog.

The Beach Bum

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Blogger alfredo_tomato said...

I was also impressed by how well it was put together.

I am also worried that another person who appeals to our better angels will be taken from us.

I think this TV spot was designed to raise the comfort level, to assure people that he is not the monster as McCain and Palin want us to believe.

I'm not sure if he will be a good or bad president, but judging by his past and how well he has run his campaign, I feel that at least he will be competent, will think before he acts, will hire the best to advise him, and actually listen to their advice.

He promised to undo the damage done to our checks and balances. He does not believe in the Unitary Executive and trickle down economics.

His Veep is a blowhard, and not at all PC, but he is very smart, well known and well liked not only in the Senate, but in capitols world wide. Like Obama, he studied Constitutional law. I want leaders that know our constitution, and loved the subject enough to teach the subject to young law students.

Thu Oct 30, 02:30:00 PM  
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