Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gay Marriage - An Interesting Proposition

In the late 1970’s a very attractive young lady was one of the many part-time employees that I employed. She was attending Georgetown Law School. She was from Darien, Connecticut. She was svelte and highly intelligent; two of the three qualities that I seek in a woman. I never found out if she possessed the third quality.

Unfortunately we were both involved with the “loves of our life”. I was married with three children and she was living with her “soul mate”. She had met her soul mate while attending Smith College in Massachusetts; they were, on campus, roommates and lovers from their sophomore year until graduation. For those of you that may be unaware, Smith is a Women’s College.

After completing Georgetown Law she and her soul mate moved back to Connecticut. Her plans were to pass the Bar and work for her father’s Law Firm in NYC. I never kept in contact with her after she left my employ. Until yesterday, I hadn’t even thought about her once since she had moved back to Connecticut. I have even forgotten her surname.

Why yesterday?

I was reading an article in the New York Times about the first eight same sex marriages in Connecticut after the State Supreme Court lifted the ban on Gay Marriage. I immediately thought of Candace (Candy) and her soul mate. I wondered if they were still together as a couple and if they were contemplating marriage.

I have stated before that I was all for same sex marriages. Not that I am a Champion of Gay Rights; I don’t fight for any cause that doesn’t directly benefit me or my family’s wellbeing. On the other hand, Gay Marriage does affect the Economy, which indirectly affects all of us.

Twenty-Five years ago one of my Bartenders asked me why Gay males tipped so well. I facetiously said “they probably like your ass.” He became very self conscious (and started to wear baggy pants), so I then told him the real reason; they don’t have to pay for a big wedding or pay alimony and child support.

This brings us to California’s recently passed Proposition 8. California is currently in the Economic Trash Can.As far as I know they still haven't passed a budget. The Governator is saying that he needs to raise taxes, not to balance the budget but to keep the State from sinking deeper into the financial quagmire in which it is currently embroiled. Good luck Arnold!

What did Proposition 8 do for the California state economy; it pushed it deeper into the quagmire. Weddings generate a lot of income for the State as well as many small businesses. It also brings in out-of state people who will be spending money in that State instead of their home State. Plus the attorneys will eventually make out like bandits.

The bottom line is that Gay Marriage is good for the US Economy. And that’s why I’m for it.

The Beach Bum

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Blogger alfredo_tomato said...

They are citizens, they should be afforded the rights of any other citizen.

Sat Nov 15, 01:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spray for fruit flys.

Sat Nov 15, 02:28:00 PM  
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