Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maybe This Year

In just four days the Chicago Cubs will play their season opener in Cincinnati. Yes I am, unfortunately, a die hard Cubs fan. One of those guys who always thinks, at the beginning of each Major League Baseball season, that “this will be the year”. And then when the season ends in the fall, I’ll always say “maybe next year”.

Cub fans are always optimists at the beginning of the season. I am basically a pessimist, I look at the glass being half empty. As strange as it seems, I become an optimist every spring just before opening day. I love to watch baseball and I love my Cubs. I just wish that they would fulfill my fantasy and win the World Series before I die. Even seeing the Cubs get into the World Series would be a nice thing.

The Cubs haven’t played in the World Series in 62 years (this was shortly before I was born) and haven’t won a World Series since 1908 (seven years before my Dad, who was also a Cubs Fan, was born).

Cubs fans also tend to be hopeless romantics who live in a fantasy world.

This year the Cubs look really good on paper. But, then again, I have said that for the past few years. They have acquired via Free Agency a new center fielder that will probably hit at least 40 Home Runs and steal 30 bases. They have strengthened the pitching staff, and they have hired a new manager.

Writers that are critical of the ball club say that the Cubs will never go to the World Series again because they are owned by the stingy Chicago Tribune. The Tribune is spending the big bucks this year. The Cubs, whether winning or losing will almost always fill the Ballpark and therefore there is no incentive for the Trib to put a winning team on the field. I’ve read a commentary from a noted Sports writer who said that Wrigley Field is the largest Beer Garden in the world. Win or lose, Cubs fans will come out to Wrigley to drink beer.

The connotation here is that people only go to Wrigley to drink beer and party. While drinking beer and partying is part of the fun of going to a game, the fans at Wrigley are truly Baseball fans. Most of them buy programs and use the scorecards. Most Cubs fans can also quote the stats of the opposing team’s players. These are real Baseball fans, not just a bunch of drunks going to a game just to party.

We Cubs fans know the transcendent aspects of the game and love the game for what it is, “America's Favorite Pastime“. And we love the sound of the “crack of a bat” that sends the ball flying far into the Bleachers or out of the Ballpark. This is sweet music to our ears. And, I’ll drink to that.

Maybe this year!

The Beach Bum

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Blogger Peg said...

Sounds like our Red Sox...and hey, if the Red Sox could do it ... The Cubs can too!

Enjoy the season!

Thu Mar 29, 08:03:00 PM  
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