Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photo Op

Today a friend from Maryland sent me a link to a porn site. Now, I’m not really into porn unless I can be a participant. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought a bunch of Playboy Magazines in my lifetime. I do like looking at naked women, especially of the younger variety.

But looking at Porn really doesn’t do a lot for me. I prefer women that I can hold, touch and then take into my bedroom. If they'll walk around naked, all the better.

Looking at a naked woman on a computer screen or in a magazine, just doesn’t do it for me. It never gets me as sexually excited as does the real thing. To look, but not be able to touch seems to be a worthless endeavor.

The reason my friend sent me to this site was that the girl (woman) in question looked a lot like one of my former lovers. Therefore, I, checked this porn site out.

It’s true that she does look like my old girlfriend when she was 20 years younger than she is today. But it is not her! How do I know this? There is a missing birth mark, high up, on her inner left thigh. Actually it is in the pelvic region. I spent a lot of time in that area and I knew her body well.

The facial and body resemblances were strikingly close to the woman that I had lived with for several years. I spent nearly an hour viewing the photos of the younger version of my former lover. She is a beautiful girl!

I did a Google search and found that the young woman (in the Website photos) is from Germany, is a model and has her own soft porn site. She is now 21 years old, but most of the pictures on her site were taken when she was 18 and 19 years old. Looking at those pictures made me horny for my old girlfriend!

Right now, I just wish that I was 35 years younger and living next door to this "Porn Queen" in Germany.

The Beach Bum

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