Monday, March 05, 2007

Bourne Again

The first time my wife and I separated, and there were many more times, as I kept coming back for more punishment, I moved in with a friend and neighbor who lived 2 blocks away from our house.

His wife, who was a nurse, had left him for the Doctor that she was having an affair with at the time. They had only been married for 4 years (no children) and they had met when both were Officers in the Navy and stationed in Annapolis. Not the city, but at the Military Academy.

I stayed with him for 5 months before going back to the ex for more punishment. What can I say – I’m a masochist.

My friend and room mate had many books. I like books and I enjoy reading. In that five month period I possibly read 100 of his books. It was during this time (in 1978) that I was first introduced to the writings of Anais Nin and Robert Ludlum.
He had three books written by Ludlum: The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Rhinemann Exchange, and The Gemini Contenders.

And as Mr. Richard Feder would inquire “And you’re point being?”

Since that time I have read and enjoyed all of Robert Ludlum’s books. Tonight on TNT (Cable Network) I watched the Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne/David Webb.

Robert Ludlum must be rolling over in his grave.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a not a bad movie, lots of action and a good script. However it barely resembled the story in the book that I read years ago. Bourne was never an assassin in Ludlum’s books. The screen writers do not understand Ludlum’s concept of Jason Bourne/David Webb’s identity. Perhaps they never read the books. How can you write a script when you haven’t read the book?

Where is Bourne’s wife Marie St. Jacques/Webb. She is a prominent character in Ludlum’s Bourne Trilogy. She, by a different name in this movie, gets killed off in the opening scenes.

This Movie didn’t come anywhere near my expectations. It was exciting and had good acting, but the story wasn’t close to the book that I read.

I haven’t seen the Bourne Identity with Damon, but I’m sure that I would not enjoy watching it, therefore I will avoid it. I understand that Damon is now filming the “Bourne Ultimatum”. I’ll avoid this one also. I rather re-read the book.

Ludlum's books are available on A link to Amazon Books is on the right sidebar.

The Beach Bum



Anonymous Richard Feder, Ft Lee said...

You expect the movie to be like the book? Really ?

OK . . . now let me tell you about the Easter Bunny . . .

Tue Mar 06, 11:05:00 PM  
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