Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Thought for Food

They say that you shouldn’t go to the Grocery Store when you are hungry.

I’m not hungry as I just ate a cold Buddig Honey Roasted Turkey sandwich on Whole Wheat bread with a little dab of Mayo and a few Fritos on the side. Not a bad lunch.

However, what I really long for is a Chicago Style Hot Dog or an Italian Beef sandwich, with greasy home made French fries or perhaps a Pizza. The thoughts of these delicacies make my mouth water. Unfortunately I’m eating turkey sandwiches instead.

For the uninitiated, a Chicago style hot dog is a Vienna Beef frank that is steamed and served on a steamed bun with tomato slices, chopped onions, either a slice of cucumber (my preference) or slice of dill pickle, mustard and green pickle relish called Picklelilly. Sport peppers are optional, but preferred. Don’t even think about asking for Catsup. This wiener is usually served with French fries, so if you want some for you fries they will give little packets. If they see you putting it on the Hot Dog you’ll probably be barred from making any future purchases.

These gastronomical delights were just a quarter when I was a kid. They are now cost as much as $1.99 each including fries.

The Italian Beef sandwich is another great meal. It’s thinly sliced beef that is soaked in a highly seasoned au jus for hours. Lots of garlic and pepper are added to the au jus. You can add steamed peppers and/or gardinara. I like my beef sandwiches “Wet or Juicy”, meaning with extra au jus. You can also have a combo, which is Italian Sausage and Italian beef. They are best served on rolls coming from Chicago’s Turano Bakery. Most reputable Italian Beef vendors would not use a lesser bread. The best Beef sandwich that I recall came from a small place call Chickie’s. However, a chain named Portillos serves a palatable Beef Sandwich. My sister, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, begs to differ.

Last, but not least – Chicago pizza. Now I’m not talking about what they call Chicago style Pizza. You know, that thick crust garbage, which they promote as Chicago Pizza and serve to the tourists in the Downtown Pizzerias. I’m talking about thin cracker crust pizzas. I’m dreaming of a Home Run Inn Pizza or even a Falco’s or Al’s Pizza from Cicero. The Home Run Inn has the best crust, Flaco's has the best sauce and Al's has the best Italian sausage, all of them make great Pizza’s and always use fresh toppings.

I almost forgot about the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, another tasty delight.

My Doctors tell me that I shouldn't be eating any of these tasty foods. So, I think I’m going to make another cold turkey sandwich to starve off these hunger pains.

The Beach Bum



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