Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Heckler

Several years ago a good friend, who unfortunately lives in Wisconsin, sent a link to his son’s web site. His son lives in Chicago and is a Cubs fan. I have never met him but I like him and his writing style.

Like me, Pal Val is an old fart. We shared some good times together, years ago, in a place far, far away. No we weren’t on Tatooine. And no, we were not Jedi Knights!

Val was a “Do Good” person and I was a "Gross Guy". We were two worlds apart but still on the same planet.

The best correlation that I can make is that Val was the equivalent to Luke Skywalker and I was nearly the equal of Darth Vader (I was once a good person-turned evil by my lust for life). He stood for all the good things that an American Serviceman could do while overseas in the 1960’s. I have very much respect for him for this reason. He could have been easily seduced by the “Dark Side”, as I was, but he didn’t succumb to the foibles of mankind. Not that he was a saint; he was just a bit better than most the rest of us.

Excuse me, I digress!

Val’s son, Brad, is the Editor-in-Chief of a tabloid about Chicago Sports. He also has a Web Site by the same name –The Heckler.

The Heckler consists of humorous stories about Chicago Sports. More than humorous they are wry and sarcastic, plus they tend to distort the facts and figures. All in all it’s a good read. If you like sports humor you should take the time to visit this site. Although I do not visit it as often as I should, a visit is well worth 30 minutes of your time per week.

The Beach Bum

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zazz says, " ... Wisconsin, unfortuneatley."
What's that all about dear friend? After all, most of you FIBs spend your summers on our soil as it is! And for some ungodly reason, many of our Wisconsin youth spend their post college life in the Windy City.
BTW Zazz, I consider your observation of me as a 'do - gooder' as a compliment of the highest honor. I fell short many a time and still do but my passion in life is to make it a better place for all those souls that I encounter on my journey, wether it be through Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's experiences.
God Bless my friend,

Sat Dec 29, 06:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Wisconsin, Fuck em BUcky

Sat Dec 29, 02:58:00 PM  
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