Friday, April 13, 2007

Going to the Dogs

I’ll be away from the Blogosphere for the next 5 days, and probably having Blogging withdrawal symptoms. I’ll be spending those days at my Daughter’s home and will be sitting near the swimming pool sipping Bloody Mary’s, drinking Beer, reading the Newspaper, watching the Cubs lose and doing Crossword Puzzles during most of these days.

In actuality, I only would have to be there for one day, but, because I have an aversion to driving (Phobia), I will be spending the next five days poolside. Today is the most convenient time for her to transport me to her house.

Although it may sound like a good time, I do not relish the spending of 5 days at her home. I don’t sleep very well when I am there. Subsequently, because I have more waking hours, I tend to drink and smoke more than normal.

The reason for my visit is to Dog Sit. My daughter and her husband have two American Bull Dogs that are nearly 2 years old. These dogs are often confused with the American Bull Terrier (AKA Pit Bulls). They look very similar but her dogs are larger and gentler than the average Pit Bull. For one day out of my five day visit I will have to walk and feed them.

I like these dogs, except when they lick my face or jump up on my lap. They are not lap dogs as they weigh over 70lbs. But they seemingly love me and are extremely happy when I come to visit, therefore I tolerate their behavior. They still think that they are puppies and want to sit on my lap as they had done in the past.

The reason for the necessity of my being there for one day is interesting.

My daughter found that she had a credit with Southwest Airlines that she hadn’t used. She had forgotten about a canceled flight. The credit must be used before April 17th. She had not planed to fly before going to Maryland for Mother’s Day, and therefore the credit would be lost.

My daughter tends to think as I do. Why just give this money away. She noticed that there were Southwest Airlines Ding Fares from Tampa to both Fort Lauderdale and Miami. She booked these flights for next Tuesday, the last day of her credit. First, she flies to Miami and an hour later flies back to Tampa. She then sits sipping a cocktail in Tampa before her flight to Ft. Lauderdale. After a few hours in Ft. Lauderdale she will return back to Tampa, probably sipping a few more cocktails while waiting for her return flight back to Tampa.

At first I thought that this was madness. Then she told me that this would give her 4 Southwest credits towards a free flight to anywhere that Southwest Airlines flies. It would put her and her husband in a position to get a free round trip to Hawaii either this or next year.

I imagine that I will probably have to dog sit while they are gone.

The Beach Bum

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