Monday, April 09, 2007

Is This "The Year"?

I spent this afternoon watching the Chicago Cubs Home Opener against the Houston Astros on WGN Television. Although the Cubs lost, I still enjoyed watching the game. As a Cubs fan for more than 50 years, I am accustomed to seeing them lose. The relief pitching, which the Baseball pundits say is the best in the NL Central, blew the game.

It was good to see Wrigley Field again. The ivy that Bill Veeck planted on the outfield walls in the 1950’s was still brown, but the field itself looked as beautiful as ever. They have even re-painted the Scoreboard this year. I wasn’t too happy with the Ad that was placed on the outfield door, but it was not as bad as some of the other MLB Parks’ advertising displays.

I was hoping to see the son of one of my close friends when WGN panned the bleachers. I didn’t see him, but I know that he was there. Brad Zibung is the founder of a Website and Paper, named “The Heckler”. Brad is also a Chicago Cub Bleacher Bum. He is sarcastic and has a biting sense of humor; more like me than like his father. I admire his writing in the Heckler.

Not that Len Casper and Bob Brenly are bad broadcasters, but I really do miss Harry Caray and Steve Stone. Stone’s knowledge of the game and Caray’s witticisms made watching the Cubs lose more enjoyable. Harry would go mush-mouth from drinking too many Budweiser’s before the 7th inning stretch. After that point Steve would have to do both the play by play and the color commentary. Harry would rattle on about golf and fishing trips while Stoney called the game. And I really loved it when Harry would mispronounce a player's name or call a player by the wrong name.

The Cubs motto for this season is “This is the Year”. In the five games that I have seen, they could be right. The potential for a championship season is there. But I say that almost every year. Potential verses the actuality of a winning season is a Horse of another Color.

The Beach Bum

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