Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crawling Critters

Yesterday I returned home from the 6 day - five night all expenses paid trip to my daughter’s palatial estate in Hernando County, Florida; 65 miles north of my home in Treasure Island.

The worst part of the trip was getting there and then coming back home. It requires that you drive on several high-speed multi-lane Interstate roads. If you don’t drive over the speed limit (70mph), you better stay in the right lane, except to pass the sensible person who is driving at 60mph. Some of the drivers were driving in access of 80mph, tailgating and switching lanes often. This scares me. I am not a good passenger to have in an automobile, as I have a morbid fear of crashing, dying or even worse being crippled for life.

Other than the fact that I was able to get very little sleep on the first night there (strange noises awaken me), I had a fairly pleasant six days. I spent a lot of time sitting by the pool, sipping Vodka and beer, playing with the dogs and playing with and talking to my other (older) daughter’s children, who were there for the weekend.

After arriving at my home, my first visit was to the bathroom; after riding in an automobile for 75 minutes (and drinking 3 beers in the process; to calm my nerves), this was a major necessity. When I clicked the light on, I noticed two dead Palmetto Bugs lying on the Bathroom floor upside down. I had sprayed just before I departed for my daughter’s home

The Palmetto Bug (or Water Bug) is a common euphemism for a gigantic cockroach that inhabits many of our southern states. The Spanish speaking people here call them La Cucaracha Grande. It’s one hell of a big roach, sometimes reaching 3 inches in length. Plus they can fly and have a hard shell exterior. I have stepped on them before and they will keep moving afterwards.

I don’t have Entomophobia. Bugs (insects) in general, do not bug me and I do not fear them. Some are just ugly creatures and have no place in my house. If they would just stay outside where they belong, I would never attempt to exterminate them.

Here on the Beach we rarely see Mosquitoes or Flies, which are the bugs that I most detest the most. I rather fight off the Palmettos, than be inundated with flies and mosquitoes. For me it’s a good trade-off.

The Beach Bum

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