Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby, One More Time

I received an email today directing me to the following Web Site:
Death Watch

This site is offering a prize to the person that correctly predicts the date and approximate time that Britney Spears will take her last breathes. My first reaction was – man, there are some really sick people out there. More than 1200 of them have made predictions and added comments to their predictions.

The friend that sent the email to me is not a Britney Spears fan (nor am I). We both agree that she has little talent and has become a spoiled rich kid. Five or six years ago my friend said that he wouldn’t even stick my penis in her vagina – or something to that effect. I said that “I would”, without thinking of the possible consequences.

Britney is what I deem to be a “nut case”.

I had a bad experience with a “nut case ” woman in the 1990’s.

She was young, very young (barely legal - I am six years older than her father), beautiful, intelligent and loved having sex. Possibly the perfect woman, unfortunately she was a “nut case”.

I should have known this from the onset of our relationship. She was the one that initiated our relationship, not me. I was flattered and enamored, plus the sex was great. Therefore I never heeded the warning signs. I let the “little head” do all the thinking for me. Did I mention the fact that she loved having sex.

Our affair lasted for five months. I reluctantly broke off our relationship because of her erratic (not erotic) behavior. One of my female roommates called her “The Psycho Bitch from Hell.” She was right. I should have known better. Any young woman that would chase after me, must be a little off center.

Back to Britney!

She really looks terrible in her latest photos. Like a grunge rock singer in a Death Metal band. She looks so bad that I wouldn’t put my friend’s penis in her vagina, let alone mine. And I am a horny old man.

I didn’t place a prediction on the site, but I believe that Britney will be in a better place within the next year. Whether she is living or not.

I wonder when someone will put up a Paris Hilton “Death Watch” site. I've seen "One night in Paris" and have decided that she is also a "nut case".

The Beach Bum

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Anonymous Jerome said...

I doubt that Spears gets speared in the near future. She will probably spear head a new movement to help the helpless.

Fri Jan 11, 10:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Shorty said...

I love paris in the spring time,I love paris in the fall. Why oh why do i love paris she makes my pecker stand tall.

Fri Jan 11, 03:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Yomamma said...

Leave your penis out of it.

Sat Jan 12, 02:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Richard Feder, Ft. Lee said...

Perhaps of more interest to your readers would be the following site:

Of course, knowing your own expiration date might be unsettling to some, but knowing the "use by" date of others may enhance that Schadenfreude moment.

Wed Jan 16, 07:37:00 AM  
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